Be it a logo unveiling or a new product launch, it is imperative for the success of an event to ensure that the planned activities flow smooth and unhindered. Amidst hundreds of other things, it is easy to miss out on small details, like reserving tickets for a dignitary or even looking over the proper layout and  seating arrangements. It is at this point you realize that you should probably have handed over the entire process to professionals. Fret not, for that is the very reason Big Way Events exists. We take off the entire responsibility of the event off your shoulders and work day and night to ensure that your event is a grand success; for in your success lies ours too.

Gone are the days when employees and management used to huddle in cold conference rooms for Meetings and other corporate events, MICE tourism is the word of the day and it is here to stay. To reward the executives who have slogged to ensure their company profits, to make them feel part of the organization, we handle all your MICE requirements. From helping you zero in on a location suiting your budgets to arranging the minutest of details like that bottle of mineral water that the managing director needs on his table.

It is indeed a fulfilment of multitudinous dreams when a wedding happens in a household. From the new bride’s tantrums to the wishes and dreams of the parents, there are a million things that can go wrong on that big day. Big Way Events takes all the little details from your hands and takes it into their own, leaving you to entertain the guests and to just enjoy with the family. Our wedding planners are capable of creating weddings that suit every budget and have an impeccable eye for details that will ensure that nothing, however insignificant is missed out.

For any event, be it a birthday party or a retirement function, we know the hardwork it takes to pull off a perfect event. From the moment we sit down to understand your requirement, we listen, understand and question to confirm that we have understood correctly, because we know how important the day is to you. The net result? A perfect event, smoothly conducted; yummy food, perfect entertainment for the guests and uncluttered spacious setting of the venue.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and the image you want to project and arrive upon the perfect celebrity for you. Our commitment is to provide our clients a host of options including fraternity from films, music, the performing arts so that you are always free to choose the artist who would fit the bill perfectly for you.

Did your caterer back out in the last minute? Not able to zero in on a venue? Transportation too much of a hassle?

There are times when we can handle most of the taks by ourselves, yet find something lacking in one department, probably someone who said they would be there backed out in the last moment. Not to worry. Big Way Events’ Event Consultants will help you iron out those tiny creases and smoothen out your event fabric to perfection. No job is too much of a hassle or too small for us. We will be there when you need us.


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